Blueprints & Vignettes (2017)

Big thanks to Dave Goodman, Max Alduca and Jeremy Rose for sinking their teeth into quintuplets in 17/8 over the last few months and bringing to life a new album of my music for quartet. Blueprints & Vignettes will be released alongside a record of solo piano compositions and improvisations in the second half of 2017.

Trio feat. Jamie Oehlers

Recorded for ABC Jazztrack in 2015 w/ Thomas Botting - bass, Tim Firth - drums.

Orbiturtle is a not-for-profit arts organisation that aims to foster a growing global community of musicians and artists by offering a platform for the sharing of ideas and arts practices. Australian saxophonist Dave Jackson, Japanese drummer and tabla player Ko Omura and I founded Orbiturtle in 2014 with a mission to curate new collaborations between artists from across the Asia-Pacific region and establish a medium for the intersection of eastern and western art and philosophy.

Recent collaborations include an Australian Council for the Arts Development Project with koto player Michiyo Yagi and cellist/double bassist Takashi Sugawa hosted in the Joganji Buddhist Temple in Osaka, and a series of improvisations recorded with the didgeridoo player Ray Kyle in Sydney's Paddington Church.


Monday night feel-good residency at Sydney's Foundry 616 with Dave Theak, Carl Dewhurst/James Muller and Alex Hirlian.