Judy Bailey Duo & Live Album Recording - Weds 8th August / by Steve Barry


Wednesday 8th August, Sydney Conservatorium, Recital Hall East, 6:30pm [free entry]

Judy and I have been improvising together since my undergrad lessons, and this concert marks both a continuation and a culmination of a long-running annual series of two piano concerts we've presented over the last 7 years.

To celebrate this auspicious anniversary, we're recording this one for NZ contemporary music label Rattle Records!

In the past each concert has grown from a tiny conceptual cell; tonight, a series of musical themes will emerge inspired by the five classical elements found in ancient Greek, Hindu, Chinese and Tibetan philosophy. In Japanese Buddhism, these are:

Earth: 地 Chi

Water: 水 Sui or mizu

Fire: 火 Ka or hi

Wind: 風 or kaze

Void (Aether): 空 or sora

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