New Music For Two Pianos - Duo w/Judy Bailey / by Steve Barry


I met Judy back in 2009 in my first year at the Con, fresh off the plane from NZ, and was instantly struck by the immense sound she extracts from the piano and the seemingly bottomless depth of her musical vocabulary. We improvised a lot for each other during my lessons, bouncing ideas back and forth, and it was always a feeling of "yes, and...!" as we switched places around the piano. We put on our first duo gig back in 2011 and found a pretty special organic connection improvising together, which we've been exploring every year or so since. I still get a schooling every time!! Hope you can join us next Tuesday at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music - West Recital Hall at 6:30pm, $25/15.

***Thanks to all who came out! For those who missed it - here's the gig in its entirety.