Martin Kay - The Deep End @ Sydney Con / by Steve Barry

Deep End Martin Kay.jpeg

I'm looking forward to being a part of Martin Kay's epic work The Deep End, premiering at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music this Wednesday the 1st of November. 6:30pm - free entry.

The Deep End emerges from the resonance of a Tibetan Gong Martin bought during his travels in India. The internal soundwaves of the gong transform the ensemble through scordatura harp, prepared piano, and modular synthesiser, saxophone and drums. From epic soundscapes to extended climaxes and rhythmic twists and turns, this multimovement work uses the experience of surfing, the unpredictability the ocean brings to a surfer's manoeuvres, as a metaphor for improvisation negotiating the composed backgrounds. The Deep End features five of Sydney's most innovative improvisors. Be tubed. Be dunked: Catharsis.

Martin Kay: saxophone/clarinet
Emily Granger: Scordatura harp
Steve Barry: Prepared piano
Ben Carey: Modular sythesiser
Jamie Cameron: Drums