Duo with Judy Bailey / by Steve Barry


Next week I'm overjoyed to be playing a set of free improvisations with the lovely Judy Bailey in the Sydney Conservatorium's West Recital Hall. We first played together during a series of two piano concerts way back in 2011 and discovered an intuitive, empathetic connection that somehow has taken us a while to find the opportunity to revisit.

Since my undergrad lessons with her at the Con, I've always been blown away by Judy's incredible touch and command of the piano, and the joyous, incessantly inventive energy she brings to making music. During our sessions I'd sometimes have to stop Judy mid song to ask her what voicing she was playing, only to find it was one I knew...somehow she managed to always extract the magic out of the notes!

6:30pm Monday 23rd November, Recital Hall West. We're also recording the night with the view of releasing a live record - hope you can join us!


Thanks to Jim Rolon for taking this great polaroid shot of Judy as part of a focus series on Australian Composers - http://www.cutcommonmag.com/jim-rolon-and-the-composer-polaroid-series/