In Tandem, At Twilight - Contemporary Dance Collaboration with Lisa Barry / by Steve Barry

My sister Lisa recently graduated from the Contemporary Dance Program at QUT - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance).

We'd been talking about working on a project together for a while, and Lisa had the idea for this piece as part of one of her assessments. She was interested in exploring the connection between music and dance, and the ways in which they could inform each other through improvisation. We got together one rainy afternoon at the QUT campus in Brisbane and workshopped a few ideas; just Lisa, Jill and I improvising using this idea of the two dancers' position relating to the registers of the two parts on the piano.

15 minutes later we'd pretty much come up with the final piece, which we refined separately over the next few days and is ultimately what you see here. It was a pretty inspiring process and we're looking forward building on the collaboration into the stay tuned!

Choreography by Lisa Barry
Performed by Lisa Barry and Chiu-Ju Wang
Music by Steve Barry